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Kitbash weird memory worlds into your campaign.

Dead memories is a minimalistic module for tabletop roleplaying games of your choice (as long as your setting allows for fantastical elements, you can fit it in). It borrows some ideas from PbtA games, but is pretty much system agnostic.

The main idea behind the module is exploring dream-like spaces that do not have to follow the rules of logic or general normalcy. It allows GMs to easily implement Inception style narratives, replaying the same "level" (memory), mess with time and space and generally toy with the format of how a setting/world is supposed to work.

It is also a mystery. A lot is left unexplained. The pamphlet provides you with some ideas, but it is up to your group to fill in the gaps and Play to Find Out. GM can prepare some stuff ahead of time (the landmarks in the Beyond can easily be standard dungeon crawls), but improvizing and making this strange world in a collaborative manner seems like more fun to me (if you're not sure where to start, this article about Dungeon Starters might give you an idea).

All of this glazed with some weird fiction/horror goodness in a single page, tri-fold pamphlet that you can print out and give players as a prop.

Edit: Now also available in a more screen friendly version! (I still advise printing the tri-fold version, I think it "works" better this way)

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorFred Bednarski
GenreRole Playing
TagsHorror, Tabletop, weird


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