Make slightly bigger little games.

What is it?

Is 8x8 1bit pixel art feel just a wee bit too limiting? Ever wished to make Bitsy games with just a little bit bigger graphics? Well, worry no more, because now you can!

Bitsy HD (hacked hardly higher definition) is a modified version of Adam Le Doux's brilliant Bitsy Game Maker. As of now, it  only changes the tile resolution from 8x8 to 16x16 pixels, apart from that it works like the classic Bitsy you know and love. 

More features might be implemented in the future.

How to Use:

  • Run it on itch and use it as you would standard Bitsy.
  • OR download the local copy and open index.html it with Firefox 
    • Because of Chrome's safety features, local Bitsy might misbehave when run in Chrome. 
  • If you have never used Bitsy before, check the About tab in the editor!
  • Have fun, make stuff!


The changes in Bitsy HD make the game data incompatible with standard Bitsy. Copying HD code into standard Bitsy will work, but your tiles and sprites will only show top left quarter of the sprite. Copying standard data into Bitsy HD might make it unresponsive. Best course of action is to never copy standard sprite/tile data into the HD editor.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorFred Bednarski
Made withBitsy


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Is it possible to exit from dialogue in this version? also, can I use brosky hack with this version? whenever I try to use hack, it just give me black blank page... :( Other than that I appreciate very much for uploading this version of bitsy! Enjoying.

I'm also wondering about this! did you figure out how to exit from dialogue?

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unfortunately no... I tried using hacks and then also tried coding directly on the dialog section but neither of them seem to be working..


I know this is pretty old but this is absolutely game-changing! This is so easy to use. Especially because I'm more used to the old set-up. Thank you!


Can you please add the version that has the 6.0 update??

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Sorry, I don't currently have the time to work on this project.

However, Bitsy HD is open source - so anyone can grab the code and make their own version. Another user did rebase it to the 6.0 version, but that version is untested. You can grab it straight from github and give it a spin

If I hear that it works well enough from few users, I will be happy to put that version on here. Otherwise, I treat it as an experimental build.


That's no issue! I don't have any actual coding experience so I can't complile my own latest build with the HD abilities so I am trying to rely on that 6.0 version.

However when I download it it just shows a black screen where the sprites and world is supposed to be, but I can't tell if it's on my end or if it would benefit from being hosted on itself. If you got any ideas on how it's supposed to work then let me know!

Thanks! Your tools are something I've been looking for and appreciate! Even though this 5.2 build is a little outdated and harder than the newest one, 6.0 is something I think is good enough! 

I might just be stupid, but how do you add exit dialogue? You know, dialogue that pops up when you travel from one room to another. I know how to do it on the original Bitsy, but I can't figure out how to do it here.

how do i add more sprites/items/tiles?

i am confused about the exit system, can i only have one exit per room.


You can have multiple exits. I think I know where the confusion is coming from : Bitsy HD is not updated to the newest version of Bitsy, where exits were overhauled. So the exits in HD work in the "old way". If you check some older bitsy tutorials or ask around on Bitsy Discord, I am sure you can find how to add multiple exists per screen.


This might be a dumb question but is it possible to input music? I know you can with standard Bitsy and was curious if it worked with this hack!


You should be able to use the same method that you use in normal bitsy - I haven't tested it myself, but I haven't done anything in this hack that would impact that hack.


I'll see if it works once I can figure it out lol. Thank you for replying!


This looks sweet!!!

Hi! I think this is such a great tool... except that it doesn't seem to work for me. In the paint & room box, all it is showing me is a black screen within the window, with no options to edit or make samples of pixel art for the room, sprite, etc. Even animation button won't dropdown or show frames. I even downloaded the offline editor but it seems to not work for me either. Hope you can help? Thank you!

Hi Neru,

Sorry to hear that. This was a bug when 8x8 sprite data found its way into the editor - but I guess I haven't fully solved it. It works on my end, so I assume this is something to do with the browser data.

What I can recommend is trying those steps, one should solve them:

  • Refresh your browser window (F5)
  • Force refresh the window (CRT+F5)
  • Start a new game in bitsy HD
  • Click around the GUI in the "blank spaces" between windows and the Sprite window.  (I am not sure why this would work, but it did when I was tackling this bug previously - I think it has something to do with refreshing each bitsy panels).
  • Try a different browser, preferably one you have not used any bitsy editor in.
  • OPTIONAL, because it is more advanced and it can delete some stuff - delete web storage for your browser(s).

If anything else fails and you really want to make a bitsy like game a resolution different than 8x8, try môsi

It is bitsy-like engine currently under development. It has a little different workflow, but is very similar and more powerful in some aspects. If you have any questions on how to use it, come to bitsy discord and ask around :)


Thank you so much for the reply, I really appreciate it! I'm gonna try to work my way around this bug; it seems to work well for my friends that I've linked it to but not for me. But I will definitely try your suggestions. I've also looked into mosi, it seems pretty neat!


oh my god i need this

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Thank you for bringing this!


Oh lord this is amazing.


Can you submit this as an official engine/tool?

I am making a game and in the metadata I can submit what this was made with and you should submit this engine by clicking here.

It would be nice but I'm not trying to put any weird pressure on you if you don't want to.



I would much rather you tag Bitsy as your engine, and if needed, you can link Bitsy HD in the description. Bitsy HD is just a hack and all credit should go to the original creator :) 


Of course. Both the original engine and this hack are incredible!


This is honestly incredible, thank you.