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Is there a possibility of Print-on-Demand, since the title is no longer available via EF or MAC?

I just found this game, and oh wow is it exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a ton for making this!

Are there any online communities for Endure that anyone knows of? Like a Discord server for group play? I'm just checking before I try to set one up myself.

does anyone have any samples of their gameplay? I’m having trouble understanding how a combat encounter would work in this game. Help please. 


Will more print copies be available?

hi there!
amazing work here!
any suggested character sheet?


Love the aesthetic


Very good job!


Amazing work! I think you can run a Left for Dead scenario with it, but it doesn't stop there! Ordinary people vs Extraordinary situation captured in 16 pages. 


Hi Fred,

I just translated your game in French.

For the moment, it's just a single PDF file without special layout but I intend to rework this to come up with something as good as your layout for the original game.

Thanks for your game

Merry Xmas + Happy New Year !




I just bought a physical copy from Exalted, do I get an PDF copy as well?

Sorry if I'm dense and not getting it! 


You sure do! 

Exalted should have sent you a link for it. If you didn't get it, send me an email or Twitter dm (both found in my bio on here) and we'll sort it out :)

I have ordered one from the chaps at Melsonian. Does the same apply with them?


This is one of the best RPGs I've read in months! The layout is superb, the rules are light yet very clever and the advice is spot-on. All it's missing to be perfect are a couple archetypes and a small scenario, but anyone who reads it will be quite capable of writing them on their own.

Amazing work!

Thanks a lot!

I was on the fence about adding more pages, but I think I will add them with a bit more advice and a small scenario with archetypes.Four more pages coming soon and then the print version soon after :)


I am really amazed and have send a link to my local RPG community to try it out. I am looking forward to more in different Genres and modules.


Thanks! Hopefully your club will enjoy it :)


A very cool and nice RPG. I'm talking about it on my blog (in French)

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Thank you for a really nice write-up, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Let me know how it goes, if you end up running a game with it. I know you have Les Survivants du Grand Froid, which feels like a setting made for Endure! Also, it has amazing art and design - will read up more about it on your blog today - google translate permitting, because my French is basic at best. ;). 


Seems like a french meeting room here : I'm translating your game in french for personal use ! 

Awesome! Let me know once you are done - I would be happy to add your French translation on here with my layout :)

Cool. In fact it's done, but I may have took some liberties, so I'll make a new reading, and inform you about the slight changes. Emojk agreed to check my work (we already worked on translation together). Just need a way of contacting you :)

You can find how to contact me on my page here: (I am doing it this way to have my email visible everywhere for spam bots to find it ;)